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IteqSolution is a software development company that provides customized digital solutions to business enterprises. We are dedicated to crafting the best user experiences through cutting-edge technology, resulting in outstanding customer satisfaction. Our team at IteqSolution is composed of highly skilled professionals passionate about their work, committed to excellence, and driven by collaboration. We take great pride in our dedication to employee welfare, fostering a safe and supportive workplace where everyone can contribute their ideas and talents. Furthermore, our commitment to trustworthiness ensures our clients can have the confidence that they will receive the highest quality solutions tailored just for them. With years of experience providing customized software development services, we are the ideal partner for all your digital needs.

    3 Principal Goals of a Software Development Team.

  • Meet project requirements.
  • Deliver on time.
  • Keep the quality high.

Our Clients

What we exactly do

Working with IteqSolution means accessing the best digital solutions designed with your individual needs and vision in mind. Our web and app developers are highly skilled professionals who have been hand-selected for their expertise and commitment to quality.

Working with founders

We love great and unique ideas. Especially is we see the potential for long-term growth in your idea. We will help you to validate your idea and we’ll invest our team and resources.

Something about

IteqSolution builds digital products that let people do things differently. Share your challenge with our team, and we’ll work with you to deliver a revolutionary digital product. Our clients have changed the way people do banking, listen to music, read news, and rent boats.

Our office and our team

Our office is located in Sri Lanka, Colombo. We are a team of enthusiastic professionals who put in the hard work and show outstanding results. We build a supportive, friendly and productive environment and turn your ideas into reality. We employ top talents in our country.


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Professional business Websites.

Professional business websites are essential for building a strong online presence. They should have a clean design, be mobile responsive, and have clear messaging. Dedicated pages for services/products, contact information, testimonials/case studies, and a blog/news section are also important features. These websites help attract and engage potential customers, establish credibility, and build trust for a brand.

E-commerce Websites.

E-commerce websites allow businesses to sell products/services directly to consumers online, with a catalog, shopping cart, and secure payment system. Benefits include global reach and reduced overhead costs. However, building and maintaining these sites can be complex, and businesses face fierce competition. Despite this, e-commerce is a critical component of modern retail, offering new opportunities to increase revenue and reach customers.

Web Applications.

Web applications are software programs accessed through a web browser. They can range from simple forms to complex enterprise-level systems and offer versatility and accessibility. Web applications are easily updated and can be integrated with other software systems, but require specialized knowledge of development, security, and server administration. They have become an important tool for businesses looking to improve their operations and customer engagement.

Mobile Applications.

Mobile applications, or mobile apps, are software programs designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. They offer a personalized and immersive user experience and leverage native device capabilities such as cameras, GPS, and push notifications. Developing and maintaining mobile apps can be complex, but they provide new opportunities for businesses to engage with customers and build brand loyalty.

Hosting and Domain Services.

Iteq Solution offers a variety of hosting and domain services for businesses. We provide shared hosting plans for small businesses and dedicated hosting plans for larger enterprises, all with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and advanced security measures. Our domain registration services include competitive pricing and free privacy protection. Plus, our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist with any questions or issues you may have. Choose Item Solution for reliable and secure hosting and domain services.

Software consulting and project management.

We offer software consulting and project management services to help businesses achieve their technology goals efficiently. Our team works closely with clients to recommend solutions and provide guidance throughout the development process, ensuring timely and cost-effective project completion. Leverage the latest technology solutions to improve operations and drive growth with our services.

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